Since BNN is an ongoing podcast, we’ll need as much help as we can get!  Here is a list of some (but not all) of our current volunteer needs:

Graphic Designer/Animator
For designing logos, animated graphical transitions, and segment intros.

To provide the following content for the BNN website:
– Devotionals/sermonettes based on the verses/stories being covered. See this example.
– Fake “articles” that go into greater detail about the subject being covered (or other events, fictional or otherwise, that might have occurred around the same time).
– Essays/articles that give historical/scientific insight into the stories being covered (possibly answering questions like “how did all those animals fit on the ark?” etc).

The Bible is not short on characters, so we’ll definitely need a large pool of actors who live in the Sacramento area.

3d Modelers/Animators
The Bible records some incredible events.  In order to recreate these events, we could really use some people who have experience with creating and animating 3d objects and environments.

Interested in volunteering to help the BNN project?  Please fill out this form: