Get Involved

As you can imagine, a lot of time, energy, and prayer goes into each episode of BNN, and we need all the help we can get.  Here are some ways you can help:

1. Subscribe. Subscribe to our videos on YouTube, and on iTunes or the pod-catcher of your choice.  The more subscribers we get, the better visibility we will receive, and then it can become a vicious cycle!

2. Share. Tell all your friends and family about us. Blog it. Tweet it. Post it. Shout it. You can use our banners/promos. Hand out fliers. Talk about it until your friends knock you over the head, tie you up and gag you, drive you 200 miles away, and leave you stranded in an uncomfortably friendly suburb populated with poofy-haired housewives and dogs whose names end with a Y.

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4. Donate. A lot of time and energy goes into this project.  The least you could do is pay for a sandwich or two.
In all seriousness, though… it costs money to purchase software, equipment, webspace, lattés, and props.

5.  Advertise with us. If you have a business, website, podcast, or organization and would like to advertise on our show or website, go ahead and contact us.  We might even be able to help you create the advertisement/commercial, if needed.

6. Support our sponsors. Check out our advertisers; keep them coming back to advertise.

7. Volunteer. If you have film-production related skills and live in the Sacramento area, or are a Christian writer/blogger, let us know how you can help.  An ongoing project like this is going to need all kinds of people to help.

8. Pray. We are firm believers that when God does something good, Satan wants to destroy it.  We strongly believe that God is doing something great with BNN, and we need your spiritual support above anything else.