The News Team & Guests

News Team

Raymond O'Neil

Raymond O’Neil – BNN Head Anchor
Chris Cowan
Don’t let his boyish appearance (or immaturity) fool you. O’Neil is BNN’s most experienced reporter. Some say he’s been reporting since the dawn of time. And they’re right.

Brad Bartelloni

Brad Bartelloni – Field Reporter
Chris Quandt
Brad has witnessed the creation of the universe, interviewed the first woman, uncovered the harrowing details of the first murder, and survived the worldwide flood. He is also the first BNN employee to cash in on unused vacation time, which management is legally (though somewhat begrudgingly) required to allow.
His journalistic integrity, hard-hitting interviews, and investigative journalism are parallel to none.*
*It’s worth noting that “parallel to none” is a neutral term, and does not necessarily mean he’s particularly amazing.

Tad Schultz

Tad Schultz – Field Reporter
Nate Henderson
Tad started as an intern and quickly made his way up through the ranks. With a steadfast commitment to the story, Tad has frequently broken his nose while breaking the news. 

Frank Franklin

Frank Franklin – Meteorologist
Spencer Tregilgas
Weatherman Frank Franklin was quick to provide his best guess at local weather, and was proud of his 40% accuracy rate. Like, really proud. He would bring it up at parties. Super annoying like that. Sadly, he has not been seen since the worldwide flood, when he was viciously attacked by a flock of sea turtles. We hope that wherever he is, he’s still making completely flawed weather predictions.


Recurring Guests

Dr. Sid Feldworth

Dr. Sid Feldworth – Expert On Anything That Requires An Expert
Steve Goodyear
Sid Feldworth is the self-proclaimed “expert” on whatever subject is currently being widely discussed in the media. He doesn’t always get his facts right, but that doesn’t keep him from stating them with confidence!