Life with Lively: Life in High Definition

It seems every episode of Scooby-Doo has the same gag in it. The gang from Mystery Inc. stays in an old haunted bed and breakfast, Scooby and Shaggy bunk in the same room. Within minutes of turning out the lights they hear a clicking noise. Shaggy asks Scooby if that was him, Scooby says it wasn’t him, so they turn on a lamp. There they see a shadow on the wall that looks like a boney hand reaching towards them. They scream and turn out the lights. Velma comes running in and turns on the room lights and explains that the clicking sound was a tree branch tapping the window, and the boney hand was simply a shadow of the tree cast in the moonlight. All is calm, Velma leaves, the lights go out and the monster gets them.
The point of this pointless story is that our imagination gets away with us in the darkness. However, once you cast light on a situation all becomes clear. Have you ever arrived in a strange city at night, and the next morning realized that the buildings and landscapes you had admired when you arrived turned out to be something totally different in the sunlight? Isn’t it amazing how much clarity comes from a well-lit environment?

It’s no coincidence that Jesus compared himself to light in John 8:12. His purpose was to provide illumination to this earthly light. One of my favorite verses is John 10:10–I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. You see, we are all charged with living a light. The minute you take that first breath you commit to living a life. But does that life have purpose? Does it have definition? I think a good modern translation to John 10:10 would be –I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it in high definition. Because that’s what happens when Jesus is allowed into our life. It becomes more vivid, more abundant, more…., more….tolerable.
For example: This last week has been a roller coaster. My step-kids were at their dad’s for the summer. Some issues developed and I found myself driving 3 hours to pick up the kids and bring them home. So we had the low of dealing with that, and the high of having the kids home. Today I was talking to a friend of mine who isn’t a Christian, and he asked me, “Brocke, how do you put up with stuff like that?” I answered, “I know Jesus has a purpose for it all.” I mean logically I should be depressed; I drive a trash truck in west Texas for Pete’s sake. It’s a wonder I don’t wake up every morning and take a drink, but thanks to Jesus shining a light onto my path, and showing me a higher purpose, I love my job. I get to spend 8 hours a day alone in the truck in prayer and conversation with God! I get off early enough each day to spend time with my kids and their friends. The light of Jesus shines bright in my life; does it in yours?

Brocke Lively is a lifelong Texan from a little town called Olton.
Brocke and his wife, Lela, have 5 kids, 2 dogs, 5 cats, 2 chickens, and what seems like a revolving door of neighbor kids coming over to play. As a father, Brocke recognizes that how he lives his life, and how he worships God not only reflects on his own salvation, but ripples to how his kids worship God.
Brocke attends a small town church where he is known as an on-call substitute Sunday school teacher. He recognizes that his church family is also a large part of who he is, and who he want his kids to grow up to be; God-fearing followers of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Yeah, that pretty much sums up why I’ve never been a Scooby-Doo fan…

  • Nate

    Great piece Brocke! I really enjoy reading your posts here, what a total blessing for this site! This segment had particular meaning for me as I have become hesitant about the purpose I have with my own current job. After reading your post, it has encouraged me to seek out ways in which I can bless others at my work and share my walk with them. Bless you man, thanks for the insight.