17: A Colorful Covenant

  They’re BACK! After more than a year since the earth was covered with water, the BNN crew reports on the end of the flood, as the ark lands on dry land. But has Brad Bartelloni survived?

Life with Lively: Confessions of a ROCK

I have something in common with Tad Schultz… I can’t swim. I wish I could swim; I’ve had lessons, but the moment the water hits me in the face, I panic.

Life with Lively: Stepping Out Of The Boat

My step-daughter, Steph, is your typical teenage girl. She’s always putting a new and funky coat of paint on her nails, wants to wear the latest fashions, and her cell phone has grafted itself to her hand…
A quirky local named Noah builds a giant construct, called an "Ark"

15: Quirky Local Builds Ark

Tad Schultz interviews a local man, who’s built a giant structure. EweTube speaks out on how God might destroy the Earth.
Crime rates increase all over Earth.

14: Evil Abounds

Tad Schultz reports on the increased evil, while Brad Bartelloni interviews an eccentric local who might be the last godly man on Earth.